Radio News 18 February 2020

Two Kiribati nationals quarantined at Otintaai Hotel

TARAWA, February 18, 2020 (RADIO KIRIBATI) —– The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has confirmed Kiribati is free of Covid-19 or coronavirus.

In regards to rumours the office said two nationals have returned yesterday, one travelled via Singapore and the other through Los Angeles.

The office blamed Fiji Airway for overlooking their names as their routes were through countries confirmed with Covid19.

The passengers did not have symptoms of the virus but were quarantined in a separate room at the Otintaal Hotel in Bikenibeu for health supervision and to follow guidelines for travellers’ safety.

The office advised members of the public to stop spreading unsubstantiated rumours that might cause panic…..RK News

Kiribati records 3 sea incidents already this year

TARAWA, February 18, 2020 (RADIO KIRIBATI) —–  The Search and Rescue Unit (SAR) from the Marine Division in Betio has delivered an extra safety reminder to the seagoing public.

Fishing enthusiasts should remember that Kiribati is still experiencing wet season weather conditions, which includes heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms.

The SAR Unit has recorded 3 incidents this year. The most recent case involved three fishermen who were reported missing at sea.

Before the fishermen were rescued, they had been drifting for days on the open sea.

SAR said common issues which could be attributed to causing problems at sea are a lack tools, no navigation devices such as Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) or GPS and water-contaminated fuel.

The office has reminded the boating public that it is very unwise to put to sea during bad weather….RK News

Southern Gilbert islands hit by tropical disturbance

TARAWA, February 18, 2020 (RADIO KIRIBATI) —- The Kiribati Metrological Service in Betio says the southern Gilbert islands were hit by a tropical storm last weekend when a Tropical disturbance (TD07F) started to develop from west of Tuvalu.

KMS Director Mr Ueneta Torua told Radio Kiribati News the TD07F has increased and moved south east to Samoa and has recently moved away from the Gilbert islands.

Ueneta assured the public to take precautions from gusty wind and rough waves as TD07F could hit most of Tuvalu and Gilbert islands.

It said TD07F has been predicted to become a cyclone but it is yet to confirm…..RK News


Six I-Kiribati set to work in Aged Care sector in Australia

TARAWA, February 18, 2020 (RADIO KIRIBATI) —– Six workers who have recently been offered employment in the Aged Care sector in Australia have received Pre-Departure Briefing training.

A statement from the Ministry of Employment and Human Resources Development (MEHR) said five workers will be employed in Finley in rural Australia (New South Wales) with Finley Regional Care and one worker will be based in Queanbeyan (New South Wales) very close to Canberra and employed by Warrigal Care.

The training were based on Goal setting, Leadership amongst the team, Worker and employer obligations, Conflict resolutions, IT skills, Workplace Health & Safety, Australian laws, Australian language and slang, Biosecurity and Cross cultural training.

The training is provided to better prepare the workers and to equip them with an awareness for the Australian way of life; both in the workplace and in their life outside of work.

The training would assist them in settling them into their new Australian home base for the next 3 years.

All are due to fly out in the coming weeks….RK News

Nikunau experiences shortage of fuel

TARAWA, February 18, 2020 (RADIO KIRIBATI) —– The Island of Nikunau is experiencing shortages of benzene and diesel fuel since January.

A statement from the Island Council said the shortages had brought difficulties to local fisherman who have been trying to run businesses with a lack of engine fuel since January.

Copra cutters were also affected as they cannot travel to their farthest lands for collecting copra.

The KOIL office in Tarawa is looking into ways to resolve the issue….RK News