Broadcasting And Publications Authority

The Broadcasting and Publication Authority is a statutory body formally established in 1979 which commenced public transmissions over Radio Kiribati since 1952. Its main role is to provide local sound broadcasting as a public service for the dissemination of information, education, and entertainment and to produce, print, and distribute the national newspaper “Te Uekera”, and other authorized publications”



AM 1440 & 846 kHz Radio services

  • Public Radio advert and Special request
  • Birthday club
  • Sponsorship News and Productions program
  • Live coverages
  • Radio spot and Sponsored program

Mauri FM 88MHz radio program

  • Radio Advert and Special request
  • Sponsorship program
  • Live coverage

Productions and Hire of Equipment’s

  • Hire of Public Address system with music facilities
  • Sales of folk songs and voice documentaries
  • Filming and sales of video clips
  • Special request music and documentary recordings
  • Mastering music, video and documentary album and sales
  • Conversion of analog recordings to Digital format

Publications Services

  • Newspaper sales
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Newspaper subscriptions
  • Commercial Printing design and sales

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